Minggu, 30 April 2017

This week I’ll make tutorial from the paper origami shaped birds, flower, butterfly, fish, etc. There are many kinds of the from of origami, there are origami with the form of animals : birds, butterfly, fish, and various forms of the craft origami very beautiful and easy to be made. Origami this comes from japan, the more famous and become one of the craft that is loved by Indonesian children. In addition to crafting, this origami will be very beautiful if used as decorations that adorn the walls of the classroom, home, bedroom or the living room though. With the style of decoration from the simple materials in the form of origami paper that we have created it very easily it can beautify the atmosphere of our space. Here will be a little help to give some idea of wall decoration creations. We can start by collecting materials in the making, materials in use this time is folded paper, in addition to folding paper we can also use other materials such as cardboard.
It is said that whoever makes a thousand origami birds, Then his wish will come true. It is indeed just a myth of the japanese state. But this time not want to discuss the story behind it or talk about the problem originally created the story, But this time we will try to give way how to fold the crane. Folding 10 alone is tired let alone up to 1000 pieces is not an easy thing. This type of origami is quite complicated, it needs patience and tranquility

Jumat, 14 April 2017


I've interviewed a tailor. My goal is interviewing mothers To work on my college assignments, So I got the value of the lecturer. But it is not just for college assignment but to increase knowledge.
I have already given him questions, The question is as follows :

1. Expertise mother can think of where ?
This expertise I can from derivatives, Because to be honest this expertise includes talent. And it is very difficult if you need to exercise. Because also from the little I began to learn from parents.

2. Capital mother can think of where ?
The capital has been from the very beginning. It runs continuously, Most only need capital fabric and sewing thread Because the tool already exists on the descent.

3. How much are already mothers can ?
Now it could not be ascertained, Now it is rare tailor painstaking, Most only in making some clothes Achieving 50000.

4. Like the suffering of the mother is a seamstress ?
Her grief tailor it should need patience, Because of all this process is made very long. The construction should be in a state of calm, If the emotions are even difficult and so Messy. But glad it when it's finished, Because it could be money for daily life.

5. To the manufacturing process such as what ?
To theoretically, The fabric needs to be patterned in advance, After it is sewn and given accessories.

That's the result of my interview. Thank you

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

Water is one of the natural resources are most needed for the life of all living beings on this earth. If living beings especially human life without water, perhaps people will not last for life on earth. Because human beings are basically need water as a source of energy that must be held to carry out daily activities, could it for bathing, drinking, washing, etc.
Not only a human being needs water, but animals and plants also need water for their survival. Animals and plants are also living beings created by God apart from man. Such as fish and all kinds of creatures that live in the sea, if the sea was no water than the fish and all kinds of creatures that live in the sea will die.
Without water may be no life on earth because all living beings desperately need water to survive. So it's not a new thing if all the life that exists in this world can take place continuously because of the availability of water. but it also can serve water for agricultural purposes, Industry, transport, fire-fighting, etc. course in survival man seeks to save enough water for their daily needs. Can we imagine when we never use water properly it will arrive someday we will find it hard to get water.

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My Skill

Based on the expertise that I have. In my opinion, my expertise is in the game of badminton, the first time I learned to play badminton at the time of high school, because in addition to my house there is a field and people often play badminton I often watch them play, from there I was motivated to learn to play badminton. When the class 2 high school I joined the high school level badminton match and I represent districts Kubu, but at that time I fall in the preliminary round. after my return from the match, I was very disappointed for defeat the match was and I’m talking to the coach “Sir, I want to stop playing badminton” but my coaches remain persuade me to keep playing badminton finally I still like the game. On the day of independence Indonesia precisely seventeen august, my village held a badminton match, and I follow the match. Due to my exercises every one week once finally I reach champion 3, although only between villages but I remain proud to be able to excel in the game of badminton.learn playing badminton not as difficult as we think if we are diligent in running his it will be easy we learn to understand the game. If there are people who have no talent never give up to continue the search for talent, all the people have talent but it all depends on them.

Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

Profession Of An Economist

Group :
1. Syarif Rifa’i

2. Erza Syafira

3. Saropah

4. Dini Salsa


1. Effort = usaha

2. Concerned = prihatin

3. Goods = barang – barang

4. Interested = tertarik

5. Costs = biaya-biaya

6. Employed = memperkerjakan

7. Engage = mengikutsertakan

8. Policies = kebijakan

9. Wears = memakai

10. Policy = kebijaksanaan ( of an goverment)

11. Forecast = ramalan

12. Gains = laba

13. French = orang perancis

14. Especially = teristimewa

15. Assured = percaya

16. Paychecks = cek gaji

17. Fringe benefits = tunjangan

18. Risks = resiko

19. Risktaking = beresiko

20. Measured = telah diperhitungkan

21. Teens = remaja

22. Increase = pertambahan

23. Regarded = menghormati

24. Rather = agak

25. Tycoon = hartawan

Exercise 1.
Study the meaning of the following words, then use to fill in the gaps: monitor, check and control.

1. I’ve ( check ) the documentation and everything is in older.

2. Inflation has not gone away but it is under ( Control )

3. We constantly ( Monitor ) the situation and if anything goes wrong we take action immediately.

4. We apologize for the delay wich is duo to reasons beyond our ( Control )

5. Economist ( Monitor ) prices, compute total output and perform other useful tasks.

Exercise 2.
Choose the words with similiar meaning from two columns and arrange them in pairs.

1. Costs = P. 1 line 6
Meaning = expenses, outlay

2. Monitor = P. 3 line 2
Meaning = control, manage

3. Flair = P. 4 line 5
Meaning = skill, talent, inclination

4. Entrepreneur = P. 3 line 6
Meaning = employer

5. Forecast = P. 2 line 4
Meaning = prediction

6. Provide = P. 2 line 4
Meaning = supply, equip, outfit

7. Job-setting = P. 2 line 1
Meaning = place of work

8. Liable = P. 5 line 4
Meaning = responsible

Exercise 3. Complete the sentence using the words given below.

1. Liable means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2. An self-employed is a person who sets up business and bbusiness deals.
3. A tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful.
4. The industry will have to pass its increased distribution on to the consumer.
5. The management will provide accommodation, food and drink for thirty people.
6. He has always been benefits for fringe benefits for his children.
7. The costs of the job include a car and free health insurance.
8. He won’t qualify as an economist until next year.
9. An individual hopingto start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial flair or talent.
10. Unfortunately forecasts of higher profits did not come true.
11. Economists are concerned with the production, entrepreneur and comsumtion.

Minggu, 05 Maret 2017

why I continue my study to university level

why I go to college? because my desire since the first and also my parents were very supportive. The reason I went to collage in tanjungpura university faculty of FKIP is the second option,actually I want to admission in faculty of economics but I do not qualify,and I finally escaped at the FKIP economics education studies program.The reason I choose a study program of economic education because the advice from my teacher. Previously I was confused to choose a faculty and program of study what,but thanks to the advice of my teacher I finally choose FKIP economics education. And I also like the lessons of economic in addition the economic lessons of I am good enough. In my hometown a teacher the economy is still less and I think that I choose a study program of economic education easier to get a job especially in the company and the bank. So I took initiative to enter in the study program of economic education,incidentally also in my village there are oil companies,and the company must require the employee especially in the part of administration and finance.Most people who worked in the company education only antil high school,I’m sure with the courses that I choose to be easier to get a job. It was proven that the degree of education economyis still very needed.